About us

LumiGroup, founded in 1995, is Quebec's largest lighting agency. It represents a vast number of lighting manufacturers from Quebec and around the world, exhibited in a 10,000 square foot showroom in the heart of Montreal's Mile End artistic district.

LumiGroup creates, in collaboration with industry specialists, the right lighting solution, including fixtures and controls. Its mission is to creatively transform space in terms of functionality and ergonomics, to stimulate and motivate the end user.

Our services

  • Needs analysis
  • Selection of creative light choices
  • Layout - placement and design
  • Point by point light calculation
  • 3D Simulation - The Look!
  • Integration of movement using light (Dynamic Lighting)
  • Proposition of eco-friendly solutions / energy controls


LumiGroup has established a reputation as a civic-oriented company, with an emphasis on local community charities. Click here for more information.